I wanted to ask you a question if you have ever looked at the processes running in your Windows Task Manager, you are the one who might have noticed a particular process called CTF-loader or some people also call the same ctfmon.exe. This is something in Windows that drains a lot of your particular CPU. So, let us quickly check out what this is and something more about the same. 

What Exactly is a CTF-Loader? 

This is something that stands for Collaborative Translation Framework CTF Loader. It is also the one that is a legitimate Windows process which is always responsible for supporting the Alternative User Input Text Processor (TIP) along with the Microsoft Office Language Bar. 

People need to also make sure that all these features allow you to use different input methods, like speech recognition, handwriting recognition, or keyword layout switching just to enter text in different languages and applications. On the other side, it is also very useful if you want to use the Alternative User Input TIP or the Languages Bar Features. 

The location for this is C:/Windows/System32 folder and it also has a file size of about 10 kb. 

Do You Think CTF-Loader is Safe or Malicious? 

Fortunately, you need to know that this is a safe and legitimate Windows process as long as it is located in the C:/Windows/System32 folder and it also has a file size of about 10 kb. But, you need to make sure that malware programs may sometimes disguise themselves and run any malicious code on your particular computer. 

Clicking right on the Loader process in the Task Manager and then selecting Open File Location, it will let you open the folder where the process is located. Let me tell you if the folder is a C:/Windows/System32 folder and it also has a file size of about 10 kb, then trust me, the process is very safe and legitimate. 

How This Can be Disabled? 

If someone is one who is not using the Alternative User Input TIP or the Language Bar features, he may always want to disable the loader to just free up some system resources. There are also many ways to do this but it also depends on your preference and situation. Disabling the Touch keyboard and handwriting Panel service is one such step that you can follow to disable the same. 

Disabling Alternative User Input TIP can also be an option, and yes, Deleting or Renaming the ctfmon.exe file can be the final option to disable the loader.