The government schemes are more for the people living on this earth, which can help them a lot. When you choose the PMJAY scheme then, you need to know about the TMS (transaction management system). You have to understand it by reading the content provided for you below. 

By entering the username and password you can logging on to the official website and access it.  It is the best scheme that was launched in Goa by the honorable chief minister on 23rd September 2018. If you like to know how to access the tms pmjay gov capf transaction, then you have to read this content without neglecting any of the passages. 

How to access the transaction management system portal?

In the hospital, every official will given a unique username and password based on their role in the hospital transactions management work. There are more workers in the hospital, and people work in designations like medical coordinator, panel doctor, claims panel doctor, claims executive, accounts office, etc., when you do not receive your username and password to access the system or other sorts of technical problems, do not worry about it. You can contact through your respective SHA or district coordinators. 

Main objective and features of this scheme:

The main objective of this login scheme is that it can reduce catastrophic health expenditure, improve access to quality health care, reduce unmet needs etc. It can also reduce out-of-pocket healthcare expenses of poor and vulnerable families of the socio-economic caste census 2011 database. This is a great scheme having more features in it, like the world’s largest health insurance or assurance that the government fully finances. It offers a cover of 5 lakhs per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization in public and private hospitals. 

What is the service coverage’s under this scheme?

The service coverage of this scheme is provided for you where the inclusions include 1350 treatment packages, a family deductible bucket of INR 5, 00, 000, secondary and tertiary care IP services, existing conditions, newborn care, pre-authorization for defined packages, and provision to cover unspecified surgical conditions on pre-authorization to a limit of one lakhs. 

How to check if you are a beneficiary in this scheme?

If you would like to check that your family name is covered under this scheme, you have log in using your mobile number. It would help if you enrolled anywhere to claim benefits under the scheme. Then, to claim the benefits under this tms pmjay scheme, you must get yourself identified at the nearest hospital or the community service center.


Therefore, if you choose this tms pmjay gov capf scheme, it will be helpful to the Poor and vulnerable families. This scheme offers cashless access to health care services in the hospital. There are no limitations on the size of the family or members, age, or gender.