If you want to start a business that does not cost higher than you can go for the direct selling that is an efficient way to build a flexible business. In direct selling, you do not have to sell products in stores but at non-retail settings like home, online or other venues. When you choose direct selling, you can get rid of advertising costs, and avoid expenses that are overhead. Also, you can build a long lasting relationship with your customers. Thus, choosing a direct selling company for marketing your products or for any other purposes can be beneficial and cost effective for you. You are read about some of the best direct selling companies like Mi lifestyle marketing global pvt ltd, Smart Value Biz, IMC, Vestige, in the below section.

Best Direct Selling company in India

Following are the some of the best direct selling company in India: 

Mi lifestyle marketing global pvt ltd: It is a company located in chennai that was established in 2013. This company is one of the best direct selling companies in India that offers a range of lifestyle products that are approved by the ministry of AYUSH. It has 21 years of experience in the direct selling industry and has more than 200 products. Also, you can get numerous unique offers of free coupons. 

Smart Value: Smart Value Biz is a direct selling company located in India and has numerous affiliate partners around India. This company provides numerous products for its users that includes health, personal care, agriculture, home care and more. It allows the networkers to be self-sufficient by paying them well. The company has millions of followers and it is one of top indian marketing organisations. The full or the registered name of this company is smart value products & services limited. 

IMC: IMC is a trustable company that uses a multi level marketing model, the company works for the health and nutrition and personal care products. The company was established in 2007 with the aim of making a better world where people can get health, wealth and comfort. 

Vestige: Vestige is one of the best leading direct selling companies that started its operations in 2004. This company is growing everyday at a phenomenal rate. It mainly focuses on health and personal care products and it has more than 200 products on its portfolio. Also, you can find the offer of free products. People can get the FMCG products at a competitive price with traditional.