PowerPoint presentations are used widely across many industries while giving presentation or teaching lessons. These presentations are made with the help of slides that are provided by the software itself and there are also several options by which one can select the slide they want to use. PowerPoint is used widely in the corporate and educational world. PowerPoint is pretty easy to use and is obviously very convenient. Another app which serves the exact same purpose of PowerPoint is Slides. Just like how PowerPoint is by Microsoft, Slides is by Google Inc. All this being said, in this article we will be learning about something new that was created pretty recently but is super useful in the education world, giving presentations a whole new meaning. This application is Pear Deck.


Pear Deck is an application that has been designed specifically for between interaction for lessons in between teachers and students. It has been created to make sure that students can stay more focused while they are getting their lessons by making them more attractive, interactive, and challenging for them. This in turn ensures that students can be more connected to their teachers and classmates as well. School can be quite isolating, especially when the student may find it difficult to understand a subject. It could make them feel stupid and unworthy in front of others, and could also drive them away from properly asking for help for their teachers. Eventually, lessons and homework will pile up, creating a rather stressful situation. This is something that must be prevented from happening and for that, platforms like Pear Deck are very helpful. Below are some features and plans information about Joinpd ( Join Pear Deck).

Features :-

If you recently are learning about Pear Deck and want to know more about its features, take a look at this list to find out more:

  • The most important feature of this application is that, with it teachers can easily connect and communicate with them. This application works for students of kindergarten straight up to class twelve, and every subject gets covered with this application, from maths, biology, English and so many more.
  • This is a service that has both paid and unpaid versions, but if you opt for the paid plan, you get back a hundred percent of your money’s worth. In case of using Pear Deck, you have already invested in curriculum. With the help of Pear Deck, you can easily make your curriculum more interactive, which could make it more helpful to understand and concentrate on.
  • Your lessons and all over content is formatted in a way that you easily share with others. There is no need to create any proprietary files. You can easily share your Pear Deck files with a single click.
  • This application is compatible with different file-sharing applications, like Google Drive or Outlook. They also run across different operating systems.


There are three different kinds plans available for those who want to use Pear Deck. These plans are as follow:

  • Basic plan – this is the plan which is free to use. This is a great plan for people who are new to this platform and want to see how it works. There are lots of features available here.
  • Paid plan – in the paid plan, there are definitely added features, which are also great for those who use it regularly.
  • Custom plan – this plan is particularly made for offices and schools.


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