He is a call that resonates within the international of fitness and modeling, known for his putting bodily appearance and captivating persona. Born on March 1, 1969, in Moscow, Russia, this 54-year-old Piscean has carved his personal route to success inside the international arena of social media and modeling.

The Towering Presence

Ernest Khalimov, Standing at an outstanding peak of 6 feet eight inches or 203 cm, Khalimov isn’t always a person you without problems forget about in a crowd. His towering stature sets him apart, making him an imposing determined in any setting. Complementing his height is a properly proportioned body, weighing around ninety-eight kg or 216 lbs.

A Sculpted Physique

Ernest’s dedication to health is obvious in his muscular body. With properly-defined biceps, chest, and waist, he exudes power and power. He is mainly famed for his chiseled abs, toned fingers, and legs, all of which he proudly showcases in his photoshoots.

A Gaze That Captivates

Ernest’s physical beauty goes beyond his body. His darkish brown, silky hair frames his face, perfectly complementing his appealing dark brown eyes. His clean and truthful skin provides to his average attraction, making him a placing presence.

A Glance at His Personal Life

In subjects of the coronary heart, Ernest is currently in a loving relationship with Krista Sudmalis. Their relationship appears to be going strong, as evidenced by the way photographs they percentage on their social media accounts. While it is doubtful if He has been married before or has kids, he manages to hold his personal existence personal, notwithstanding the constant scrutiny that incorporates being a public parent.

Social Media Presence

Ernest’s online presence is massive, with a good-sized following on Instagram. Instagram id “berlin.1969” in 

collected an excellent 1 million fans. On Twitter, his name is “@sleekntears69,” in which he has shared 987 tweets.

Net Worth: Wealth and Earnings

As of now, Ernest boasts a Net worth of approximately $1 million, in the main earned thru modeling for various brands. His social media effect and modeling profession have surely contributed to his financial achievement.

Notable Facts

  • He is a health model, Instagrammer, and social media personality.
  • In a loving relationship with Krista Sudmalis.
  • Boasts over 1 million fans on Instagram.
  • Stands tall at 6 ft 8 inches and weighs 98 kg.
  • Proudly of Russian nationality and follows the Christian faith.
  • Known for his muscular physique and photogenic appearance.

Family and Relationships

Ernest Khalimov hails from a Caucasian Russian circle of relatives, along with his father, Mr. Khalimov, and mom, Mrs. Khalimov. He is believed to have 3 brothers and was raised in a Christian household.

His present day relationship fame is “In a Relationship ” with Krista Sudmalis. They aren’t the simplest companions in love but additionally collaborators inside the Sleek’N’Tears art project. This challenge features various pix of male bodies and involves collaboration with five exclusive models, such as Ernest. Together, they manage the Instagram deal with “Berlin 1969.” Reports advocate that Sudmalis not handiest plays the position of Khalimov’s accomplice but additionally his manager and social media manager.


Khalimov’s journey has been considered one of bodily and private transformation. From his towering presence and sculpted physique to his charming social media presence and loving courting, he keeps encouraging and leaving an indelible mark within the worlds of fitness, modeling, and social media. His story serves as a testimony to what determination, passion, and love can acquire in life.