Many of us are lovers of music and like to stream it from YouTube rather than using any other mp3 player. However, YouTube has certain drawbacks when it  comes to streaming music of your choice. You can listen to the videos while playing them but you cannot quit the app or lock your device while listening to these audios. Downloading is also hectic from YouTube directly. This is where sites like Ytmp3 comes in. is a music converter that converts the music from YouTube into mp3 files directly. This way you can download the files and listen to them at your pace, at any time and at any place.

The easy to use interface, efficiency, simplicity and high efficacy makes this website a hotspot for song lovers of all kinds. The traffic in this site is also quite high due to the fact that not only songs, but also videos can be downloaded in the mp4 format. But no site is without its downsides.

Ytmp3 , although a very convenient site, is a source of high malware and viruses. The site has constant pop-ups that appear on the screen that is a  highly obvious source of malware that can end up harming your device. If you opt for downloading any plug- ins from any notifications that appear on the interface, you might end up with a virus.

But these could be easily avoided. When you open the website for the first time, you might see a plethora of pop-ups urging you to opt for push notifications. Do not indulge in them as they are probably redirects to virus or malware.

If the site redirects you to another website, those are probably going to be malware too, so close them immediately.

When you search for YouTube To Mp3, you will find Ytmp3 with the suffix .cc as the main website. There are other copy websites of this as well so, choose carefully.

Install an antivirus in your device which also blocks malware from sites and keeps your browser safe. You can also install a separate ad-blocker to keep your browser safe while handling such suspicious websites.

The legality of the site is also the starting point of a big controversy. It has been questionable since a long time whether or not it is legal to download copyright content in this way. In theory, even YouTube does not allow download of content unless there is a separate option available but in practice, some users do download videos from YouTube as well. They are used in legal sites as well.

It can be said that the inconveniences can be avoided by taking some simple measures but the danger does not absolutely go away. Hence, it is a better option to avail other sites for the downloading of content like videos or songs. Some other websites are:


All in all, it is quite a suitable website for your work and entertainment purposes. So, anyone can use it if they keep some precautionary measures ready.

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