The pandemic and lockdown days saw the rapid growth of the popular game called Wordle, a word-guessing game that hooked everyone to their phones for days. Now, Heardle 80s is a similar game, only this time with songs instead of words.

Heardle 80s includes songs from the 80s that you have to guess after listening to a small snippet of the song. You can make a restricted number of attempts and then listen to the whole soundtrack at the end. All of this has made this game go viral in only a few months’ time.

Heardle 80s is extremely easy to play with if you know the format of Wordle. In case you do not, here are some steps on how to play:

1. You can download the gaming app on your phone or just go online and play it for free. Either way, it follows the same rules.

2. You need to select the Heardle Game and press play in order to listen to the song. The game plays a snippet of the introduction of the song. You can listen to this snippet multiple times, there is no restriction there.

3. If your guess is right, then you win the game and listen to the song. However, if your guess is incorrect, you get another attempt and this time the hint becomes more. This means the song plays a bit more to help you guess easily.

4. You can trade in attempts in order to skip the song forward and listen to a longer part of the song so that you can guess better. But this means, you lose attempts in turn.

5. Once you get the correct answer, you get a score depending on the time you took to guess it correctly. You can publish this score online and flaunt your musical interests.

6. Lastly, just chill and listen as the site plays the whole soundtrack for you.

One good thing is that, whether you win or lose, you get to listen to the whole soundtrack. These tracks have been streaming on Spotify ever since they bought the website. This induces problems sometimes when certain tracks cannot play as they have been banned in certain regions of the world. The songs are played from the 80s and are selected mostly from the top ten best-played tracks in the last 10 years.

This is a highly addictive game as you can play it only once a day and playing it each day helps you maintain a streak. You can flaunt your scores and get six attempts to get a song right if you share the song with all on your social media. This is the perfect game for music enthusiasts as well as for puzzle-loving minds worldwide.

What better than to start off the day with a little challenge and a victory that gives you a satisfying sense of achievement? And not to forget, you also get to listen to some good old tracks that never go out of style.