Mon Occitanie is a fantastic instructional resource for nearby colleges, high schools, and agricultural education facilities. Students, teachers, parents, and even office staff have access to the online learning environment created specifically for agriculture education. Through this forum, the public authorities want to promote interchange and collaboration within the Occitan educational community.

The neighbourhood school system is the target audience for the online workplace known as My ENT Occitanie. The website is primarily designed for the parents, instructors, and students who work in local administration. The major digital workspaces like: are especially gathered by the inter-establishment portal.

Even though it is located in the Mon Ent Occitanie area, the colleges of Haute-Garonne have their own ENT, known as eCollège 31. The websites of the 31 secondary schools must thus be linked by departmental college students. To view additional profiles, just select the ENT of the academy, the DRAAF, or the reference community from the platform. The latter is the section for high school pupils and the department for college students.

Mon Occitanie Quick Access

You may use a web browser on a PC or a specific mobile app to access the ENT Occitanie. Select “Connect” to connect to a PC after opening the website The choice to choose one of the possible positions (student, parent, teacher, or non-teaching staff) on the website will then be presented to you. The user must also select the reference for his establishment:

The Lycée de la mer Paul Bousquet, The Montpellier Academy, The Toulouse Academy, The Secondary Education Specialised Centre of Jean Lagarde, and Agricultural Education.

My Occitan Name Implementing Each Step

After giving this information, you must now enter your personal account’s username and password. This information is maybe released at the start of the academic year. They can also be sent through email on the request. Everything will be determined by the institution’s organisational structure. In any case, Occitania always provides a digital workstation to each student in the local educational community.We strongly advise that you read the terms of service because they are subject to change before pressing Accept during the initial connection. On this page, you can find information regarding the best practises for each profile on the site. New users may now set up notifications for social networking sites and commercial websites. You cal also implement through Social media marketing or SXMNMB, it process to make site trending through multiple Social media site. SXMNMB (Social Media Marketing for Businesses) is it fullform as name indicates, it’s a method of Socail media marketing that reaches out to potential clients using social media networks.

It should be reminded that using the programme to open an ENT account on two distinct devices before a mobile connection is established is not allowed. By doing this, portal security flaws are reduced. The user is asked to choose either his or her smartphone or tablet in order to connect to the Digital Workspace. In order to do this, he needs after getting it from the Play Store or App Store, install the ENT mip app;

Utilise standard login credentials to access your ENT Occitanie account on a computer;

Click the Preferences button in the upper-left corner of the screen;

From the menu, select “My Mobile” access;

Click on “Activate” to obtain the mobile ID and the activation code;

What is Available on ENT Occitanie?

The kind of user affects the ENT Occitanie’s features and content. It is true that there may be  different user interfaces for students, teachers, parents, and school staff. Making it simple for individuals to work together, and share ideas, support one another, and access  the information and educational resources is the broad perspective.